A Comprehensive Apartment Cleaning Process

apartment cleaning process

Apartment cleaning is part of the daily routine of people, as they have to frequently clean some part of their apartment. However, the comprehensive cleaning of the apartment covering all parts can only be performed occasionally, as it requires lots of time and effort on the part of the residents. Cleaning the apartment is necessary as all studies point to the fact that an uncleaned apartment leads to health issues for the residents of the building. An unclean apartment also gives an unpleasant look for the observers resulting in stress and depression related issues. Hence, the benefits of performing a thorough cleaning of the apartment can save from a lot of trouble as well as money.

Factors on which Apartment Cleaning Process Depend

The apartment cleaning process depends upon a variety of factors such as the number of rooms, the location of kitchen and bathrooms, the location of washrooms, the nature of the kitchen, the presence of attic etc. It is, however, a general rule that those places should be regularly cleaned which are visited most frequently while those, which are not visited frequently, should be cleaned occasionally. However, keeping all areas clean is important as health issues may arise even if some area or portion of the apartment is unclean.

A comprehensive Apartment Cleaning Process

This is different from basic cleaning, like carpet cleaning, as a comprehensive apartment cleaning process involves the cleaning of some frequently and less frequently visited portions so that a complete solution can be achieved. The process involves the following aspects:

  1. Cleaning of Rooms and Lounge

Rooms and lounge are those parts of the apartment where most time is spent on the average. Therefore, they require to be cleaned thoroughly. Chemicals and hot water may be applied in order to remove dust particles and contaminants.

2.    Cleaning of the Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen clean is extremely necessary as here the food we eat is cooked. All parts of the kitchen, stove, cabinet, and table should be cleaned using standard techniques.

3.    Cleaning of Bathrooms and Washrooms

These areas can provide a suitable environment for microbial to grow due to the presence of moisture and suitable temperature. Techniques should be applied to cater for this aspect.

4.    Cleaning of Floor, Walls, and Ceiling

Floor, walls, and ceiling are the backdrops of the apartment and their thorough cleanliness is extremely important.

5.    Cleaning of Attic or storeroom

Attic and storerooms provide space for insects, microbial, mold and other harmful elements to grow. These should be removed with the help of standard techniques.