What is the difference between a Carpet Steamer and a Vacuum Cleaner?

What is the difference between a Carpet Steamer and a Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet steamer and vacuum cleaner are two devices that are highly effective in maintaining a fresh look of the carpet and keeping it clean for a long period. In residential and commercial buildings, carpets are commonly used due to a number of different benefits that they provide. They are also, however, vulnerable to getting dirty due to normal use and require regular cleaning for better look and prevention of the spread of health hazards in the building. Therefore, vacuum and steam cleaners are used in order to carry out the task of keeping the carpets clean and sterile. Both the devices perform different tasks and below we will discuss their functions and situations when it is most suitable to use them.

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is a commonly found device in both residential and commercial buildings where carpets are being used to cover the floors. Vacuum cleaner operates by employing a suction mechanism with the help of which it can suck dust, dirt, and various other small particles present on the carpet. Vacuum cleaner highly simplifies the task of removing garbage and unwanted small materials present on the carpet. It is also effective in cleaning carpets on stairs, under furniture, small areas, etc. which are usually difficult to clean manually. The process of vacuum cleaning the carpets is usually performed on a regular basis because otherwise, the carpet will start to give an uninviting look. However, one of the major limitations of vacuum cleaning is that while it is effective in removing small garbage particles from the surface of the carpet, it cannot remove stains, spots, and smudges present on the surface.

Carpet steamer

Carpet steamer is a device commonly used for cleaning the carpets when stains, sticky substances, and smudges are present on the surface. The carpet steamer operates by applying steam or hot water to the carpet in order to clean it. This means that the steamer has a chamber where water can be added and converted into steam in order to apply it on different areas of the carpet where thorough cleaning is required. The carpet steamer also allows the users to add

cleaning agent in the chamber in order to carry out deep cleaning as well as to kill off mold and mildew that might be present on the carpet. There are different kinds of steamers available in the market and some have pads and brushes using which it is highly convenient and effective to clean stains and sticky substances.

While the vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning the carpets on a regular basis, the vacuum cleaner is only used occasionally. The carpet steamers are usually more expensive as compared to the vacuum cleaners; therefore, people usually rely on carpet cleaning service providers in order to steam clean their carpets. We recommend performing regular carpet vacuuming in order to maintain the fresh look of the carpet while we recommend using steam cleaners when hard stains and dingy areas start to appear on the carpet surface. Similarly, we also recommend performing steam cleaning once every month in order to prevent unhygienic microbial growing on carpet.