The Benefits of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

• Facts about Ultrasound Blind Cleaning:
1. It uses high-frequency sound waves to get rid of dust and grime.
2. This method has both haters and lovers equally. Many people do not like mini-blinds and many people do.
3. Blinds are great in regulating light, providing privacy, enhancing the overall appearance of the place, and are very beautiful and pleasing to our eyes.
4. They are very difficult to clean and maintain.

For example, a typical mini-blind usually has many moving parts. Each moving part collects dust. It actually works like a dust collector. Since no one loves cleaning blinds, they do not like installing them.
The good news is that there are ultrasonic blind cleaning services out there.
• What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?
This type of cleaning depends on the utilization of high-frequency sound waves in order to create millions of bubbles, which implode once they touch the water. These implosions then create small vibrations. The vibrations subsequently blind clean. The process is totally safe, effective, and quick. 
2. The professional cleaner uses a combination of warm water and cleaning solution in order to remove dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, and any other harmful organisms. They use sonic cleaning and the process is so easy. In addition, professional cleaners use it to clean any type of window treatment.

3. People put a lot of money on installing window treatments. This is why it is important to keep them clean and maintain their integrity. Cleaning blinds is essential and makes sense. It is easier and more cost-effective to clean them than replacing blinds and window treatments. 

4. Blinds can make asthma and allergies worse. It is essential to keep the environment as clean and dust-free as possible. If you have workers, ask them if they have any kind of respiratory problems before they start working.

5. Blind cleaning companies are somewhat different. You need to look for an experienced company that has been in the cleaning industry for a while. Make sure it has the proper certifications and insurance. They also should do work at the site. Professional blind cleaning has their equipment and they do their work at your place. They know that you will not live without your window treatment for a week or so. They do not even offer to clean them somewhere else. If the company offered to take them away, find another one.

6. The company should have good relations with homeowners, decorators, and other cleaning companies. You can know more about a comprehensive apartment cleaning process here.

What is the difference between a Carpet Steamer and a Vacuum Cleaner?

What is the difference between a Carpet Steamer and a Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet steamer and vacuum cleaner are two devices that are highly effective in maintaining a fresh look of the carpet and keeping it clean for a long period. In residential and commercial buildings, carpets are commonly used due to a number of different benefits that they provide. They are also, however, vulnerable to getting dirty due to normal use and require regular cleaning for better look and prevention of the spread of health hazards in the building. Therefore, vacuum and steam cleaners are used in order to carry out the task of keeping the carpets clean and sterile. Both the devices perform different tasks and below we will discuss their functions and situations when it is most suitable to use them.

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is a commonly found device in both residential and commercial buildings where carpets are being used to cover the floors. Vacuum cleaner operates by employing a suction mechanism with the help of which it can suck dust, dirt, and various other small particles present on the carpet. Vacuum cleaner highly simplifies the task of removing garbage and unwanted small materials present on the carpet. It is also effective in cleaning carpets on stairs, under furniture, small areas, etc. which are usually difficult to clean manually. The process of vacuum cleaning the carpets is usually performed on a regular basis because otherwise, the carpet will start to give an uninviting look. However, one of the major limitations of vacuum cleaning is that while it is effective in removing small garbage particles from the surface of the carpet, it cannot remove stains, spots, and smudges present on the surface.

Carpet steamer

Carpet steamer is a device commonly used for cleaning the carpets when stains, sticky substances, and smudges are present on the surface. The carpet steamer operates by applying steam or hot water to the carpet in order to clean it. This means that the steamer has a chamber where water can be added and converted into steam in order to apply it on different areas of the carpet where thorough cleaning is required. The carpet steamer also allows the users to add

cleaning agent in the chamber in order to carry out deep cleaning as well as to kill off mold and mildew that might be present on the carpet. There are different kinds of steamers available in the market and some have pads and brushes using which it is highly convenient and effective to clean stains and sticky substances.

While the vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning the carpets on a regular basis, the vacuum cleaner is only used occasionally. The carpet steamers are usually more expensive as compared to the vacuum cleaners; therefore, people usually rely on carpet cleaning service providers in order to steam clean their carpets. We recommend performing regular carpet vacuuming in order to maintain the fresh look of the carpet while we recommend using steam cleaners when hard stains and dingy areas start to appear on the carpet surface. Similarly, we also recommend performing steam cleaning once every month in order to prevent unhygienic microbial growing on carpet.

How to Perform Pet Odor Treatment at Home

pet odor treatment on your carpets

Pet odor is a major problem at homes due to which a pet odor treatment has to be performed on a regular basis in order to keep the home habitable for the residents. Most households have pets since they can be great friends in life but keeping them also comes with cleaning challenges. Pets poop or urine all over the house or carpets if they are not well trained leading to unsanitary and inhabitable conditions for the residents. Even if the area is cleaned, the stench of the pet waste remains in the air. Over the course of time, the odor reaches an alarming level where it becomes extremely difficult for the residents to breathe.

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How to Perform the Evaporator Coils Cleaning Process

Doing the Evaporator Coils Cleaning in a business

Evaporator coils cleaning is an integral part of the A/C system cleaning at home and commercial buildings since they perform a vital role in the working of the system. The work efficiency of the coils determines to a greater extent the work efficiency of the system. An air conditioning system has two units i.e. an inner unit and an outer unit. The inner unit of the system consists of the evaporator coils whose main purpose is to expand the cooling agent while the outer unit contains the condenser coils whose main purpose is to condense the cooling agent.

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Bad Cleaning Habits that you should avoid

bad cleaning habits

People end up accruing a number of bad cleaning habits when they do general cleaning at home. These bad cleaning habits severely affect the efficiency of the cleaning process. They also complicate the cleaning process leading people away from cleaning their household items and carpets on a regular basis. It is, therefore, important to first identify the bad cleaning habits and then performing remedial so that the efficiency of the cleaning process can be ensured and better cleaning habits can be developed. There are numerous bad cleaning habits but we have jotted down the most common occurring in this article.

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A Comprehensive Apartment Cleaning Process

apartment cleaning process

Apartment cleaning is part of the daily routine of people, as they have to frequently clean some part of their apartment. However, the comprehensive cleaning of the apartment covering all parts can only be performed occasionally, as it requires lots of time and effort on the part of the residents. Cleaning the apartment is necessary as all studies point to the fact that an uncleaned apartment leads to health issues for the residents of the building. An unclean apartment also gives an unpleasant look for the observers resulting in stress and depression related issues. Hence, the benefits of performing a thorough cleaning of the apartment can save from a lot of trouble as well as money.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Benefits

dry carpet cleaning process

There are numerous benefits of the Dry Carpet Cleaning process, which is why it is one of the widely used techniques in the carpet cleaning industry. This process is highly effective in residential and office buildings where a durable and quick solution to the soiled and stained carpets is required.

The benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning also overwhelm some of the disadvantages. Resulting in ever-increasing usage of this technique. We will discuss the benefits of this method but first, we will look into how this process can be applied on a carpet?

We asked the team at Always Preferred Restoration in Missoula Montana – – about the dry carpet cleaning method. Here’s what they had to tell us:

How does the Dry Carpet Cleaning Method work?

Dry Carpet Cleaning, as the name suggests, is a technique which either involves the use of no moisture or a very little moisture component. The process is carried out with the help of some powder or a compound. This is sprinkled over the rug or carpet with the help of a Dry Carpet Cleaner.

The powder or compound breaks the bond between the dirt particles and the fibers of the carpet. This makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt and the residue. 

What are most valuable benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning?

The benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning are numerous ranging from time-saving to health benefits. Following are some of the most valuable benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning process:

  1. Application and Dry Time: One of the major benefits of this method is the requirement of less time for undertaking the whole process. The cleaning compound can be sprayed using the machine, which acts quickly since very little to no dry time,is necessary. 
  2. Deep Cleaning of the Carpet: With the help of the Dry Carpet Cleaning technique there is a possibility to deeply clean the carpet. It not only removes the dirt and residue particles from the fibers but also removes those settled at the bottom.
  3. Long-Term Cleaning: This process results in long-term cleaning of the carpet. The bond between the settled particles and the fibers of the carpet is broken. Then the firmly settled particles are sucked out.
  4. Carpet Life: This process preserves and greatly enhances the life of the carpet. The water component is not required in this method. It is a highly gentle method resulting is safe cleaning.
  5. Health Benefits: This process also removes the insects and disease spreading organisms from the carpets. This results in a healthy environment in domestic and commercial buildings.  

Different Methods of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning is one of the effective ways of cleaning the top fibers of the domestic and commercial carpets. This type of cleaning involves the dry cleaning process for a short period of time. It is also referred to as the“interim cleaning” or “low moisture cleaning”. However, unlike the traditional dry carpet cleaning, bonnet carpet cleaning is primarily used for cleaning the top fibers of the carpet. These are more apparent to the common observer. It is a low moisture cleaning method, which is why it is not recommended for situations where deep cleaning is necessary.

In this type of carpet cleaning technique, a specific solution is applied to the affected areas of the carpet in the form of mist and some time is allowed so that the cleaning solution can settle and dry. Wait sometime when the dwelling process of the cleaning solution has been completed. Then a scrub or bonnet is rubbed over the fibers of the carpet in a specific manner. This removes the stains and soil from the affected area.

The Equipment used in Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Process

Some primary equipment is available, which aides in the carpet cleaning as well as enhances the efficiency process. Some of the primary equipment and supplies used in the cleaning process are as follows:

  • Floor Machine preferably with a rating of 175 RPM
  • A combination of Wringer and a mop bucket
  • Sprayer preferably having a rating of 1 – 2 quart and a pump. A bug sprayer is highly effective in this kind of cleaning.
  • Pads preferably of the same size. Pads should be made of microfiber or absorbent cotton.

Two effective Methods of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The method of bonnet cleaning of carpet is standard; however, there is a possibility to either use the pump up sprayer or a mop wringer depending upon the availability and the cleaning requirements. Below, we will explain two methods involving the use of either a pump up sprayer or a mop wringer.

Method 1 – Pump-up Sprayer

In this method, a pump-up sprayer can be used in order to spray the cleaning solution on the top fiber of the carpet in the form of mist. Following are the steps for cleaning the carpet using this method:

  1. In the first step, thoroughly vacuum the carpet so that any impurity, which can be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, can be removed.
  2. Now add the cleaning solution to the pump-up sprayer.You can use the Matrix Brite solution for bonnet carpet cleaning.
  3. Next apply the solution to the carpet using the pump-up sprayer. 
  4. Run the bonnet or floor machine having pads on the carpet so that the dirt, stains and soil can be removed from the carpet. Keep changing the side of the pads so that clean portion is being applied.
  5. The chemical solution applied will turn into dry crystal after some time. This can be removed using the vacuum cleaner.

Method 2- Mop Wringer

In this type of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning, similar steps will apply as those of the first method. However, instead of using the pump-up sprayer, use the mop wringer. Dunk the carpet bonnet into the mop wringer and bucket having the cleaning solution. Remove the excess solution so that an optimum amount is applied. Now, apply the pads for removing the dirt and stains from the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Business 101

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What To Do About that Carpet

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Cleaning Tips

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