Different Methods of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning is one of the effective ways of cleaning the top fibers of the domestic and commercial carpets. This type of cleaning involves the dry cleaning process for a short period of time. It is also referred to as the“interim cleaning” or “low moisture cleaning”. However, unlike the traditional dry carpet cleaning, bonnet carpet cleaning is primarily used for cleaning the top fibers of the carpet. These are more apparent to the common observer. It is a low moisture cleaning method, which is why it is not recommended for situations where deep cleaning is necessary.

In this type of carpet cleaning technique, a specific solution is applied to the affected areas of the carpet in the form of mist and some time is allowed so that the cleaning solution can settle and dry. Wait sometime when the dwelling process of the cleaning solution has been completed. Then a scrub or bonnet is rubbed over the fibers of the carpet in a specific manner. This removes the stains and soil from the affected area.

The Equipment used in Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Process

Some primary equipment is available, which aides in the carpet cleaning as well as enhances the efficiency process. Some of the primary equipment and supplies used in the cleaning process are as follows:

  • Floor Machine preferably with a rating of 175 RPM
  • A combination of Wringer and a mop bucket
  • Sprayer preferably having a rating of 1 – 2 quart and a pump. A bug sprayer is highly effective in this kind of cleaning.
  • Pads preferably of the same size. Pads should be made of microfiber or absorbent cotton.

Two effective Methods of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The method of bonnet cleaning of carpet is standard; however, there is a possibility to either use the pump up sprayer or a mop wringer depending upon the availability and the cleaning requirements. Below, we will explain two methods involving the use of either a pump up sprayer or a mop wringer.

Method 1 – Pump-up Sprayer

In this method, a pump-up sprayer can be used in order to spray the cleaning solution on the top fiber of the carpet in the form of mist. Following are the steps for cleaning the carpet using this method:

  1. In the first step, thoroughly vacuum the carpet so that any impurity, which can be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, can be removed.
  2. Now add the cleaning solution to the pump-up sprayer.You can use the Matrix Brite solution for bonnet carpet cleaning.
  3. Next apply the solution to the carpet using the pump-up sprayer. 
  4. Run the bonnet or floor machine having pads on the carpet so that the dirt, stains and soil can be removed from the carpet. Keep changing the side of the pads so that clean portion is being applied.
  5. The chemical solution applied will turn into dry crystal after some time. This can be removed using the vacuum cleaner.

Method 2- Mop Wringer

In this type of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning, similar steps will apply as those of the first method. However, instead of using the pump-up sprayer, use the mop wringer. Dunk the carpet bonnet into the mop wringer and bucket having the cleaning solution. Remove the excess solution so that an optimum amount is applied. Now, apply the pads for removing the dirt and stains from the carpet.